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QUICKCURE by Aquarium Products

Top Aquarium Equipment - QUICKCURE for Aquariums by Aquarium Products

My Recommendation
The only thing I use to help my sick fish. I recommend using this product in a hospital tank. Be careful. It can change the silicon that binds parts of your tank to a slight greenish for a couple of weeks.

Do not buy imitations. Buy the exact package on the right and ICH will be history!

This scientifically formulated liquid medication cures ich in two days and cures lymphocystis in one week. For both fresh and saltwater use.

For Aquarium use: Use 1 drop per gallon on all fish except those of the Tetra group, I recommend 1/2 dose for fish who are very touchy.

For Tetras: 1 drop for every 2 gallons (their sensitive)

For Marine Fish: For Lymphocystis use 1 drop for every gallon daily in a bare aquarium

Directions: Shake well before using. Use one drop per gallon daily on all fish except those of the tetra group. For tetra--use one drop for every two gallons daily. For marine fish--for lymphocystis use one drop per gallon daily in a bare aquarium. Cures ick in two days, lymphocystis in one week. Quick Cure will slightly color the water blue--this disappears in a few days. Remove charcoal or carbon from filtration system during treatment.

Avg. Price - $1.77

Basically the best cure out there for the most common disease that effects aquariums.

Get online and goto Petco or Petsmart and get yours today...You will thank me!!

View the Recommened Treatment for Fish - This post contains a list of what to do if your fish have some Signs of Stress or Disease. Clean your aquarum, clean the gravel, change 20% of the water each day, add aquarium salt once, add Quick Cure each day, increase the temperature for warm water fish. Read all the details at this link, before you treat your fish.

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