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My Recommendation
I recommend a filter with biowheels (Emperor Power Filters) to anyone that has a aquarium. Buy the right size for your aquarium and make sure it keeps spinning and you should not have any problems.

I thought before that Penguins were the best. But after getting a Emperor, it blows it out of the tank water. First there's a complete cover so no splashing. New Penguins have this now also. The flow is so much greater it's not on the same scale. Plus there's an area of filter materials. Great. This is the only filter to get.

This is the first power filter to combine high-end performance with multiple filtration options. Filter features not one pump (as in ordinary power filters), but two separate water pumps. The Flow Pump directs water through the high-capacity Emperor Rite-Size Filter Cartridges and Media Containers. The BIO-Pump then pressurizes and sends streams of pre-filtered, oxygen-rich water through the adjustable spray bars to power each BIO-Wheel. Ready-to-use cartridges have more mechanical and carbon filtration than any other cartridge. Provides superior biological filtration. Filter cartridges sold separately.

Model Flow Rate Aquarium Size Replacement Cartridge Size
280 280 gal./hr. up to 50 U.S. gallons One Rite-Size "E" Filter; 4 oz. Refillable Media Container Spray Bar Driven BIO-Wheel
400 400 gal./hr. up to 80 U.S. gallons Two Rite-Size "E" Filters; Two 4 oz. Refillable Media Container Spray Bar Driven BIO-Wheel

EBAY is one of the Best Places to Get Cheap BioWheels

The new bio wheel craze has much merit. I know some folks are less aware of this type of filtration. If you don't have a biowheel, your risking the lives of you fish. Time to step it up to the new technology, and so so cheap. Throw your old aquatech crap away.

One thing if I may suggest. I love biowheels. You will love biowheels. Only not all biowheels are equal. I think it might help when you make reference to biowheels to specify the major difference. There are 2 main types of biowheels filters on the market currently. EMPEROR and PENGUIN BIO-WHEELS. These 2 filters both use biowheels but there is an extreme difference in quality. I own multiples of both types.

The major difference is the implementation of the biowheel itself. With the Penguin, the water flows freely under the wheel and makes it turn. (this works good for a while but frequently get's stopped up by gunk or baby snails if you have them.) With the Emperor Filter, the Water is actually projected buy a squirting technique at the top of the actual wheel. This causes the biowheel to spin in a different manner. The water forces it to spin from the top down. This spraybar is also ajustable to allow you to set the speed of the spinning of the biowheel. I haven't yet ever seen a Emperor stop spinning. I would suggest that when you make reference to biowheel filters, recommend the EMPEROR for less maintenance and much, much higher quality.

There are a few other reasons that EMPEROR is much better than PENGUIN Filters.
1. All new filters stop this splashing, watch for older ones if you buy used. With the Penguin water tends to splash from the wheel spinning. EMPEROR is completely covered.
2. All EMPEROR have a designated media area. Some Penguins don't.
3. EMPEROR's have a flow adjustment tab for regulating flow. Penguins don't.

From experience. Emperor Filters are a much better investment.

There are three stages of aquarium filtration;

  1. Mechanical filtration of water is done by passing the water through a screen, or a thin piece of sponge, or through a floss material, all of which remove pieces of debris from the water.
  2. Chemical filtration of water is done by passing the water through small pieces of carbon or zeolite, which is a natural mineral. The carbon or zeolite remove molecules such as ammonia from the water.
  3. Biological filtration of water is done by certain types of bacteria that live on gravel, the surface of glass, ceramic ornaments, plastic plants, bio-balls, floss, or best of all on BIO-Wheels.

Marineland Penguin BIO-Wheel Power Filters do all THREE!

These bacteria are often called beneficial bacteria in contrast to the pathogenic or harmful bacteria that cause diseases. The beneficial bacteria in biological filters digest waste in the water by combining the waste that is dissolved in the water with oxygen that is also dissolved in the water.

So your typical filter would contain all three. A type of floss, the carbon media found inside the filter pack, or canister, and the bacteria flourishing on it. Your gravel and other items in you system will also include this bacteria. But due to the water movement through the filter, it will have an enormous amount of this beneficial bacteria.

This bacteria needs oxygen to perform its task of converting Ammonia into nitrites then into nitrates. Here is a couple of equations that quite simply express how this is done.

Using the usual symbols for Ammonia NH3, Oxygen O2, Nitrite NO2, and Water H2O, the chemical reaction is written as

NH3 + O2 a NO2 + H2O + energy

Or equivalently as a chemical equation like this

4 NH3 + 7 O2 = 4 NO2 + 6 H2O + energy

Other kinds of beneficial bacteria combine the nitrite and oxygen, that are both dissolved in the water, to produce nitrate and more energy. Using the usual symbol for nitrate NO3, the chemical reaction is written as

NO2 + O2 a NO3 + energy

Or equivalently as an equation like this

2 NO2 + O2 = 2 NO3 + energy

This brings to the forefront just how important oxygen is to filtration process. Here is where the bio wheels make their bid for supremacy.

A biowheel is placed into the return flow to the tank. Picture a mill wheel with water cascading over it. This is how a biowheel performs. Its constant turning allows it to have a higher concentration of oxygen available for bacteria to do its job. Studies have shown that a typical tank has 7ppm of dissolved O2. Whereas a bio wheel has upwards of 200,000 ppm of O2 available for converting waste!

Get online and goto Petco or Petsmart and get yours today...You will thank me!!

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