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Breeding Zebra Danio's
(Breeding Brachydanio rerio)

Much has been written on the topic of breeding aquarium fish, below is summary to help guide you throughout Zebra Danio Breeding. Please feel free to send any comments or suggestions to contribute@fishdeals.com.

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(Brachydanio rerio)
Zebra Danio
Special Conditions:
  • Condition the zebras with the best food possible.
  • They select a mate for life.
  • They readily eat their fry.
  • Fry hatch in 48 hours and grow rapidly.

  • Breeding Basics
  • Breeding Zebra Danio: General Description
    All Danio's are kinda similar. Zebras are one of the easiest fish to breed providing you meet certain requirements. Condition the zebras with the best food possible (white worms, or tubifex ) for a week or so. Then you will need a separate tank, Preferably 5-10 gallons. The tank should have marbles on the bottom and the water level kept low or the fish will eat the eggs as soon as they are laid. Put several conditioned Danios in the tank to make sure you have both male and female. Watch for the spawning activity. Once the eggs are laid they fall in between the marbles and the parents cannot eat them. Once a few hours have passed remove the fish. The eggs should hatch in a day or so and if after a couple of days you see no fry you may try again after the fish are rested and reconditioned. Raising the fry can be difficult. Once they are free swimming you should feed them with finely ground flakes, paramecium, inforusia or commercial liqui-fry.

    Zebras are quite interesting when it comes to breeding. They are one of the few fish who select a mate for life. Once a pair has formed, it is rare for the male to mate with any other females. Spawning results in 200-300 eggs laid by the female on plants or free falling, and subsequently fertilized by the males.

    Interestingly enough, the ease with which these fish are bred is a contributing factor for their widespread use in scientific research. They are very popular and particularly valuable to the field of neuroscience. They are also often used in high school and college classroom study of embryo growth.

    Danios are the aquatic equivalent of bunnies--if you take the right precautions. Eggs are fertilized externally, so the wrapping you saw was probably courtship or such. Females drop eggs on the substrate, and males follow behind fertilizing them. Without large substrate that allows the eggs to fall down where the adults cannot reach, they will be eaten.

    Most of the times they may have spawned without your knowledge and then consumed all the eggs. You need either a) large gravel/rocks b) marbles. After you see fry sticking to the sides of your tank (they look like 3mm black lines) you have to pull out all the adults. Sad to say but eggs and fry are also good conditioning food for the adults.
    Zebra Danio: Sexing/Pairing
    Mature Zebras are very easy to sex, most of the males are very slim, more active and have a more intense colors. Females when ready to breed are very heavy and kinda whitish or pinking under the belly. If your female is not noticeably heavy she is not ready to spawn.

    the danios have not been properly conditioned so it is quite difficult to sex them. If you feed them with frozen or fresh brine shrimp twice a day for ~3-5 days you will be able to tell which sex is which. Females have more of a tummy, a rounder underside. Males are usually longer and skinnier, their bottom-underside fin is more yellow.
    Zebra Danio: Raising the Fry
    They readily eat their fry, so the parents should be moved once the eggs are laid. Fry hatch in 48 hours and grow rapidly. You will see them clinging on the side of the glass, they are VERY small, DO NOT FEED until the fry are swimming. At this time you can start feeding liquid fry for egg layers(available at your pet shop). It is very important that Fry be fed small foods such as prepared fry food or brine shrimp nauplii. Frequent small feedings are the right way to do it. Within a week you can start feeding dry food made for egglayer fry(at your pet shop).

    Breeding Specific Fish Types:

    # Image Type of Fish Things to Remember
    1. Zebra Danios
    Brachydanio rerio
  • Condition the zebras with the best food possible.
  • They readily eat their fry.
  • Fry hatch in 48 hours and grow rapidly.
  • Know a good aquarium fish Breeding/Spawning source? Send it here, contribute@fishdeals.com

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