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Quick-Cure, 3/4 oz by Aquarium Products


  Quick-Cure, 3/4 oz by Aquarium Products

Fast relief for ick and other parasite. 3/4 oz. safe to use with plants. 3/4 Oz. Ideal for Freshwater and Marine aquariums Will not effect biological systems Quick Cure is the fastest treatment for curing Ick producing results in only 2 days. Ick (Ichthyophthirius Mulyifiliis) are small ciliate protozoan cysts that look like sugar or salt granules.

Review: Basically the best cure out there for the most common diseases that effects aquariums. Quick Cure rocks!The only thing I use to help my sick fish. I recommend using this product in a hospital tank. Be careful. It can change the silicon that binds parts of your tank to a slight greenish for a couple of weeks. Do not buy imitations. Buy the exact package on the left and ICH will be history! This scientifically formulated liquid medication cures ich in two days and cures lymphocystis in one week. For both fresh and saltwater use.

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Posted: 2011-04-22