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Betta Fish Species > Quick Stats

Food: Live foods are the ideal for bettas, however they adapt to eating flake foods, frozen and freeze dried foods. They love Daphnia.  

Breeding:  Bettas are Bubble Nest breeders. They are relatively easy to breed however they do require the proper envirnment and food conditioning.

Tank Conditions: Varies: Bettas do best in a small aquariums (5 gallons) alone or larger size fish bowls alone. Their kinda loners.

This site was created to get straight to the point. Below are some tips on keeping Bettas.


Bettas are very picky about companions, generally irritated by other fish and do best alone. It is recommended that other fish in the tank be tropical, not aggressive, and around the same size as the betta. They're typically not compatible with gouramis or fish with large fins like angelfish.

Betta Fish Species: Key Points, Tips & Tricks

  1. Betta's love to live in Bowls by themselves, they don't get lonely.
  2. The last thing you want to do is get your male betta a "buddy" or "friend".
  3. "Betta splendens" (most common types of bettas found in Walmart, any pet store) are really Siamese Fighting Fish.
  4. They'll likely chase and kill the female if she sticks around and even attack their own reflection in a mirror.
  5. If your breeding bettas, don't have too many males they will often fight.
  6. They don't need an air pump, they can breath the same air we do.
  7. The aggressiveness of a Fish Species of fish is in direct proportion to the relative size of their mouth. This is a proven fact.
  8. The labyrinth breathing organ isn't developed until 3-4 weeks after hatching, so up to that point, baby bettas are totally dependent upon their gills as a means of respiration.
  9. Unfortunately, the babies may become live food themselves any time after hatching, as the male betta may begin eating them at this point.

Betta Fish Species: DO'S

  1. FEED THEM. Please do not think they can live solely on lily roots, they will die.
  2. Change the water in the bowl or tank 25% once a week.

Betta Fish Species: DONT'S

  1. Buyers of a Betta Fish Vase have been mistakenly told that the Betta can live by eating the lily roots. They will die, please feed them at the very least flake food once a day.
  2. Never change all of the water in the bowl, change a maximum of 25% a week.
  3. Never house your Betta in less than a quart, they need exercise.
  4. Don't Feed your betta more than it can eat in 5 minutes.

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Questions Submitted by Users:

Fish Question Question: What temperature does my betta need to be kept in?

Fish Answer Answer: For breeding,it should be in the low to mid-80's (Fahrenheit). For day-to-day living, it can be as low as the low 70's the main thing is that it should be fairly constant.

Fish Question Question: When I put my Betta in my community tank it got into a fight with my Gouramis. Are Betta's not community fish?

Fish Answer Answer: Well, Bettas and Gouramis do not get along in in the same tank because they are kind of related. You should also be careful when putting bettas in tanks with fish who have large fins, like guppies or angels. Bettas can make good community fish if you are careful who you put them in with.

Fish Question Question: What should I feed my betta?

Fish Answer Answer: There are many responses to that question--really, the betta will survive on anything, including flake food. If you want to breed them, however, you need to get them into condition by feeding them some form of live food.

Fish Question Question: I bought a male betta for my son. Upon purchase the salesmen told me that it eats betta bits, but every time I feed the fish he just takes a little bite of the pellet and it sinks to the bottom and it seems that he can't find the pellet. I'm worry that he is not eating. I was reading this site and it stated that you could tell the different in female and male. The one I bought had male bettas about the sign about the school of fish. It's pink and blue, sort of, but I noticed the other day that a white string hanging from it stomach, I guess you could say. How can I tell the difference?

Fish Answer Answer: The females have short fins, the breeding tube in the females is very small and very short. Don't worry to much about him eating. If he's not actively searching for the food on the bottom then he's not really hungry. Overfeeding is a lot worse than underfeeding. The excess food causes pollution. Males have long fins, and if it's a male you can hold a small mirror up to the jar or tank he is in and he will "flare up" and dance around.

The above recommendations are to the best of our knowledge. We imply no liability by offering fish suggestions, implement at your own risk. If you are interested in helping out visit our contributions page. | Anabantids | Betta Fish Species
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