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About Anabantids (Bettas, Gouramis, Paradise Fish) | Anabantids
About Anabantids (LABYRINTHICI)

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Food: Many Labyrinth fish accept a wide range of live and dry foods.

Breeding: These fish are bubble nest builders and the tank should be supplied with a lot of floating type plants. The only problem in spawning the fish is the raising of the fry, as they are very tiny.

Tank Conditions: Varies: They have the ability to survive in water with very low oxygen.

Anabantids are classified as "Labyrinth Fish". The family belongs to the Order Labyrinthici, which is characterized by the presence of an auxiliary breathing apparatus in addition to the ordinary gills for the retention of air for breathing.

In the wild, labyrinth fishes live in weedy ponds and ditches which are always deficient in oxygen content. Anabantids rise to the surface and take gulps of air which pass to the labyrinth organ where the oxygen is absorbed by the tissues. The labyrinths are located on the top of the head, behind the eyes. The labyrinth looks like a circular spot of tissue which is very wrinkled, this wrinkling offers more surface area for oxygen intake. In this group are the Betta, the Gourami and the Paradise Fish. They are generally wide bodied fish with overly enlarged fins. Their pelvic fins are elongated and trailing.

All Anabantids originate from Southern Asia and Africa. Most of them are small and are very good aquarium fish. Some Anabantids can survive out of water for several hours breathing only through their labyrinths, as long as they stay moist. Anabas testudineus, known as the Climbing Perch, is said to be able to climb trees and to live out of water for up to two days.

Sexing some Anabantids is easy. The gourami is pretty simple. The male is most always with brilliant colour on the body and the female is quite bland compared with her mate. Bettas & Paradise Fish are similar but not quite as easy to detect. The male anabantid builds a nest of air bubbles coated with saliva which floats at the surface of the water. At spawning time the male wraps his body round that of the female in such a way that her belly is turned upwards so that when she releases her eggs they float up into the slightly sticky bubble nest.

Anabantids offer some unique options to fish keepers as well as presenting a few problems. Because some Anabantids are able to withstand cooler temperatures, and because of their ability to survive in water with very low oxygen, these fish can be kept in tanks or bowls without heaters or filtration. On the other hand, some Anabantids (particularly males of some species) are very territorial and some grow quite large.

The most commonly seen Anabantid is probably the Betta or Siamese Fighting Fish (which is generally said to be Betta splendens but is probably a crossbreed).

The colors of domestic bettas have been developed by selective breeding (and sometimes by crossbreeding), but they are colors determined by the genetic makeup of the fish. Color varieties with red, blue, green, purple, and many other colors in various combinations are widely available. Siamese Fighting Fish should be kept alone in bowls (the larger the better) or tanks without filtration as long as frequent partial water changes are done.

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Varies a lot. Some Gouramis like the Dwarf will get along with everyone, Paradise Fish and most Bettas like to be the either the only male of their species around or by themselves. Too many males cause problems, some can be aggressive twords any other fish. Also any of the larger Gouramis like, Giant Gouramis, will eat anything that it can fit into it's mouth.

Any of various spiny-finned fishes constituting the family Anabantidae and including the fighting fish, climbing perch, and gourami. | Anabantids
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